Saturday, December 21, 2013


I take a lot of pictures and try to post the best ones. Here are some of the "best of the rest"

First, a couple of photos from a body of water off Carnegie Lake. One of these photos is notable because it is the *only* picture I have taken with my new camera (1,800+ photos and counting) that has people in it (make of that what you will). The full study can be found here:

Next, three more from my first trip down to Trenton. The first photo is from Trent House, a Revolutionary-Era home right near the Trenton Makes bridge. The second photo is of seagulls taking flight over the Delaware river. The final one is of a church on Broad Street. The full study can be found here:

Next, we head over to Washington Crossing Park, where you'll see a Colonial-era home (note the reflections in the windows) and a monument park featuring a statue of General Washington and the flags of the original thirteen states. The full study can be found here:

Next, a return visit to Princeton at sunrise. Just one, the full study is arresting:

Another of my favorite day trips was to Cadwalader Park. Here is a close-up of the Civil War soldier atop a statue in the park. I really like how the trees frame this one. The full study is here:

Next, we're off to The College of New Jersey, for a variety of outtakes of similar shots that can be found here:

With the first snow of the season, I captured these two photos of a neighbor's Christmas-decorated tree in color and black and white. Each is interesting in its own way: 

After four (!) snow "events" in 10 days, the weather turned warmer this weekend and I was able to get a couple of nice photos: 

If you want a high resolution copy of any of the photos you see here (or on my blog) email me at:

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