Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunrise In Princeton

This morning, I drove to Princeton and took some great pictures:

I started at the Princeton Battlefield where it was just me and this four-legged fella taking in a brisk, but beautiful sunrise:

Then, I headed to Nassau Street in downtown Princeton. The university has many nice buildings, the four below are (in order): Nassau Hall, the Chancellor Green Library, Henry House, and the Schiede Caldwell House.

Then, I headed out of town on Harrison Street. Stopping first along the side of the road to capture these images, one of the sun rising over Carnegie Lake and the other of a light fog along the opposite bank:

Finally, I parked the car near the intersection of Harrison Street and Route 1 and took a series of photos of the lake, trees and ducks and geese. If you're wondering why the colors are so striking, it is because the sun was shining from directly across the way, illuminating this part of the lake beautifully:

I hope you enjoyed my "tour." If you are interested in a high resolution version of any of these, or other photos on my blog, email me at -


  1. Is that sunlight, that's lighting up Nassau Hall?
    You must has gotten there at exact moment in time.

    You pix are beautiful.

  2. re: Nassau Hall - that was not sunlight - the building has light fixtures at the base. I need to get back there at night when they are fully illuminating it!