Friday, February 28, 2020

February 28

Lost in all the melodrama was the call I got from my accountant yesterday with the good news on my tax refund this year. It is basically the equivalent of another paycheck, which is nice.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 27

I have somehow been up since 3:30 AM (cats/bladder) and not had time to write until now. Maybe there is just not that much to say? I don't know. I am meeting a date for lunch tomorrow. We had a great conversation over the weekend but her communication (text) leading up to tomorrow has been a bit sporadic. It is so hard to read intent or interpret what any of it means, likely that she is out there living her life and is excited (but maybe a little nervous) about meeting tomorrow. My assumption of course is that she has already lost interest and is going into things expecting it to be terrible. 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February 25

High Noon was canceled. Staring at ESPN talking heads babble is one of my guilty pleasures. I have been a PTI viewer since it started and dip into Highly Questionable more days than not (don't get me started on the dreck that is Around the Horn). I never loved High Noon or, as Tony Kornheiser suggested it should be called: Pablo and Bomani Talk Down To You. It was never that bad but it is clear the pair is ill matched. Bomani is a world-class talker and if you did a word count, I suspect on an average day he outdoes Pablo 3:1. Pablo rarely gets out of first gear. He is often pinched and his "takes" are swatted down by his more cocksure partner. 

You could tell the show was struggling. They tweaked the format (this is after it was cut down from an hour to a half-hour), the various blocks, and it just never clicked. Tony also suggested Bomani and Pablo would be the natural heirs apparent to he and Wilbon but the difference between the older duo and the younger one is that the former are actually friends, had been, in fact for two decades before they started on PTI and it shows, every day. They are like an old married couple who bicker. The latter were two people who kinda knew each other and were put on TV to see if they clicked. They don't.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

February 24

Yesterday, I met a woman for coffee in downtown Princeton. It was a nice day (about 60 degrees) and there was nowhere to park so I hustled down to the side street my ex-in-laws used to live on to park there. They do not live there anymore, but it is weird every time I walk past that house to think of my personal history that lives there. I got engaged in that house. I mourned my father-in-law’s passing in that house. I pushed my nieces and nephews on the swing in the backyard (which does not appear to be there anymore) and sorted their Christmas presents before they arrived to open them each holiday season. I lived there for a month after my ex-wife and I moved here all those years ago. And yet, I felt nothing walking past it. No pangs of nostalgia. No reminiscing of those times. It is like all of that happened to a different person. To look at it now, it is just a house.

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

February 23

My accountant suggested I am now ~ of an age ~ where I need to consider purchasing long-term care insurance. What is that, you ask? Basically, insurance in case you need to spend your final years in a nursing home (which runs about $100K a year) and want to have a little dignity by living in a decent one, not one that maybe they roll you over once a day, maybe they don't. Yes, getting older is AWESOME.

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

February 22

In addition to seeing my accountant, I have added a lunch with a lady friend, a trip to the gym, and a late afternoon coffee "date" with a woman I met online. This is more social engagement than I usually have in a month. 

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Friday, February 21, 2020

February 21

I do not have much to say today. Tomorrow, I am meeting with my accountant to do my taxes. It used to be a day I looked forward to, now, eh, I do not feel much about anything, so it is just another chore to attend to. 

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

February 20

Another day, another doctor. I went to my cardiologist yesterday searching for answers to this lingering chest/congestion thing - maybe it's my heart? Who knows, but hey, for the $15 co pay I have to give him, why not see if that's the problem. I've had this illness for more than a month and it's just exhausting and frustrating and debilitating. Chest x-ray? Negative. Antibiotics? Didn't work. Steroids? Didn't work. So, who knows. Maybe this is just the new normal. Maybe I have COPD or lung cancer or asthma that skipped the first 49 years of my life.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

February 18

I am having lunch with a couple of my co-workers today. I am dreading it. I hate these stupid social outings but I am too polite to say no. It is the story of my life. I constantly give in to other people and do not speak up for myself, which just makes me angrier and resentful.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

February 17

I bailed (for now) on a new (new) car. I just could not justify it even though I can afford it. It is the curse of being a responsible adult (TM). Do I take the $10,000 I would have to pay out of pocket and put it toward a new (new) car or drive the perfectly good (new) car I've had for 11 months and has less than 6,000 miles on it and divert that $10,000 toward paying down even more of my mortgage. The responsible adult (TM) wins again ....

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