Sunday, November 17, 2013

The College of New Jersey

Taking advantage of another unseasonably warm day, I went to The College of New Jersey. While walking around, I realized I was probably about 2 weeks too late to capture this lovely campus in all its autumnal glory, so I focused instead on the architecture of one particular building - Green Hall (which resembles Independence Hall in Philadelphia) and the natural beauty of the impressive trees and wildlife along Lake Ceva. 

Let's start at Lake Ceva. We had some ducks swimming, a tufted titmouse (not making that up) and the narrowing of the channel rippling majestically. 

As I mentioned, Green Hall caught my eye, so I'm clustering the photos I took of that building together, even though they were not shot consecutively. You will see a nice frontal shot, a close-up of the weather vane, and two photos (one black and white, one color) of an arresting skyline behind it. 

The campus itself is really nice. Here are a few random photos, including a metal sculpture, the side entrance to one of the older buildings on campus, a panorama of one of the "quads," and the modern Art & Innovative Multimedia Building. 

On my way out, I took these last two images. I'm posting both the color and black and white versions. I think they both came out nicely. 

I had a great time at TCNJ today; however, I'm already realizing I need to work new "muscles" as the color palate changes toward winter. I was very happy with the way the black and white photos posted here came out and look forward to shifting more of my attention toward that medium as we get deeper into the winter months. I hope you enjoyed this little "tour" of one of New Jersey's many outstanding universities. If you would like a high resolution, full-size copy of any of these photos, please email me at -

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