Saturday, January 5, 2019

January 5

The Huffington Post recently re-upped an article about lifestyle changes for people with anxiety. The article listed 17 techniques of which, it turns out, I already do 10 (making my bed everyday, keeping my phone on silent, using cognitive behavior therapy techniques, writing down my schedule/to-do list, working out, cutting toxic people/things out of my life, establishing a bedtime routine, journaling, doing something with my hands (photography), and preparing in the morning). 

A couple I just don't believe in (if I hear someone utter the word "mindfulness" around me, I get stabby, limiting social media or caffeine? Uh, no (although I only drink one cup of coffee and never drink soda or alcohol), practicing "gratitude?" (see "mindfulness")) and the others are hard for me to do - opening up to others, practicing acceptance, and saying "no." 

If anything, I feel like I bend over backwards to gain the acceptance of others (a product of heavily withholding parents and an ex-wife who constantly moved the goalposts on what would make her happy, resulting in a never-ending chase to try and give that to her) and, to be honest, at this point - at 48 - how much juice would I get out of those particular squeezes? There is something to be said for being set in your ways and maybe that is a form of acceptance that I am coming around to.

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