Monday, December 30, 2013

Neighborhood Trees

The skies (and temperature, sort of) were rather inviting today. Living in a neighborhood overflowing with 100 foot plus trees, tree stands, and a range of wildlife is a gift if you want to take some great pictures. If you would like a high resolution copy of any of these photos, you can email me at -

This first set features different trees photographed using the "fish eye" lens:

This next set was taken in a tree stand. One color, one black and white, one fish eye:

This next set features a couple of different tree stands using the ethereal sky as a backdrop:

Finally, a nice shot of an American flag juxtaposed against thick cloud cover, another featuring phone lines criss-crossing against the sky, and a red-tailed hawk, perched high in the trees but, thanks to a 50x zoom lens, close enough where you think you could touch it. 

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