Sunday, June 22, 2014

Princeton - June 22

Now that classes have let out for the summer, Princeton University is a great place to spend a Sunday morning taking in the beautiful campus. 

You can start along Nassau Street. This first photo was taken at the corner of Nassau and Witherspoon using the "miniature" effect:

As I headed toward the University Chapel, I stopped at the Rothschild Arch and snapped this photo. The Latin phrase means: "Dedicated in love to mother and son." 

The University Chapel was open and an organist was practicing while I snapped away. The Chapel has many beautiful stained glass windows and its architectural design is quite impressive. The first photo is of the window above the altar, while the second is a close-up of the uppermost part, showing Jesus's crucifixion. 

After I left the Chapel, I headed for Prospect Garden. This botanical joy had many flowers and plants around a sculpture and fountain. I was able to take some great photos of roses, lavender, amaryllis, and a purple coneflower (thank you, Twitter!)

All in all, a great day to be out and about in Princeton. I hope to visit again soon!

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